Your customers are looking for you. Can they find you? If not, you need to hire a Charlotte SEO company like Reliable Acorn.

Can SEO Help Your Company?

Search engine optimization is best for companies that have products or services that are in demand. Your customers should already know your products and services exist. They must be looking for you, if you want them to find you on Google. If not, you should consider a different form of advertising, such as social media.

Search engine optimization is not a good fit for companies that need results fast. It is best for companies that have the time to invest in long-term gains. If you need an immediate increase in results, you should consider a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

If this isn’t the online marketing channel for you, what are your other options?

Do you need a Charlotte SEO company or consultant?

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Some Charlotte SEO companies approach SEO like a commodity. They might talk about hours, links, pages, words or even points. This might tell you all they’re doing, but are they doing the right things to grow your business? This focuses on the process more than the results.

An SEO consultant is an expert?who takes the time to learn about your business and industry. From that they create a successful and custom?strategy just for you. While consultants might be a team of one, their small size lets them provide you with the best advice. As a consultant, Reliable Acorn works well with companies who have a marketing team, but need guidance with SEO.

Some consultants, like Reliable Acorn, also provide SEO services. This gives you the best of both worlds. With this you get the services you need and an internet marketing expert, at the same time.

How Should You Choose an SEO Company?

Here’s what Google suggests. This is some good advice that will make sure you hire the right SEO- focusing on long-term gains- rather than the flash-in-the-pan SEO with a “secret sauce.”

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What Does an SEO Campaign Look Like?

Sometimes people think that search engine optimization is a destination. No, it’s?a journey.

The journey starts with making sure you can measure the results of your campaign. To measure?success you need to determine?what your company hopes to get from the campaign. Don’t just think about your rankings. You want more than organic traffic, too. Your website needs to drive leads and sales. Of course, you have to measure this. This is why web analytics are essential to an SEO campaign (or any digital marketing effort, for that matter).

The second step is determining if your website was set up right. Is your website mobile friendly??Even the best web developers overlook things that the search engines?think are important. Part of Reliable Acorn’s work?is to make sure your website is accessible to the search engines. Think of us?as an advocate for Google.

Now it’s time to improve?your website’s content. Search engines, after all, are just computer programs. They need words to know what your web pages are about. What words should you use? How does your customer look for you??That’s something Reliable Acorn will help you decide as part of your SEO campaign.

Finally, it’s time to build links. This can be the most powerful part of any SEO effort, but it’s also the most risky. Some SEO consultants believe they can trick Google to get their client’s site to the “top of the SERPs.” To do that they have to take risks. Instead, build a strategy for?links that outlast long-term changes in the Google algorithm. Social media?marketing can help with link building, too.

There’s more to consider, too. Good web design and development can help. Running a concurrent pay per click (PPC) campaign can help, too. Don’t forget a local search strategy? SEO is always changing- you need a consultant who is keeping up with what’s new. That’s what we do.

If you need an SEO company in Charlotte to help your company, call or contact us today. Not sure yet? Perhaps you need to start with a comprehensive SEO audit or a free audit.

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