Will an email marketing campaign help you connect with your customers? Here’s some reasons why we think email works for most businesses- whether you’re in Charlotte or anywhere in the world.

Email Converts at High Rates

Reliable Acorn is a big believer in the power of search marketing. But we have to admit that email marketing campaigns convert at a higher rate. In fact, email campaigns convert at a higher rate than any other marketing channel. This makes sense: if they’ve agreed to be part of your email list, they are inviting you to market to them. Need new customers? You need to have an active email marketing campaign.

Email Has a Broad Reach

Almost everyone has an email address. From the least technologically savvy grandmother to the busiest CEO- they all have emails. This is also true, no matter where your audience lives- from Charlotte, NC to Timbuktu. No matter who or where your target audience is, you can reach them through and email campaign.

Email is Easy to Share

No matter what product you sell, it’s easier if a friend recommends you. No matter what service you offer, if a colleague recommends it, it’s easier to close the deal. Emails are great ways to get recommendations from customers. This means an email campaign can have far-reaching access even beyond your email list. It also explains why more of those people become customers than other marketing channels.

Email Works Well with Customers

Every business knows that it’s easier to keep a client, than get a new one. Email marketing can help with customer retention. It can also up sell existing services. The fact is: customers are likely to open an email from you. That gives your company an advantage over marketing channels competing for your customers’ attention.

Email Marketing is Cost Effective

Search marketing campaigns are great at introducing new people to your business. These channels can get expensive. PPC is only effective so far as you keep spending money. SEO takes time to ramp-up and can take time before you see a return on your investment.

Email is inexpensive.?Although you have to pay per email, the upfront cost of developing an email is the same no matter the size of?your list. This makes email marketing cheaper on a person-by-person basis.

Start your email marketing campaign today. Contact Reliable Acorn in Charlotte, NC today and we’ll show you how to begin.

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The Bottom Line

You need to reach people in your industry.

Reliable Acorn will help you create a custom digital marketing strategy that does just that.

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